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09.08.2011 - We had a great gig last Saturday 6th August at The 2011 Bridge Rats Rally. Thanks to Rochdale John and all the crew - it was a blast!! SNAFU in Rotherham this coming Friday! Whoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


18-04-2011 - Saturday 16th April was a night to remember. I forget what happened, but i'm told it was a belter!  It was Tim's 40th - yes 40th - (I know, he doesn't look it......) so his local was the obvious place to disrupt. Sorry to the good people of South Milford for all the noise. . A well inebriated crowd rocked like buggery and ate pie & peas as we did our bit! A good time was had and we raised £335 for Cancer Research. Result. Thanx to everyone, especially Ben & Pete ( for the lights!

Last months 'Jack's Bash' at The Klondyke Club in Rotherham raised over £3500. Blackout, Metalworks and Solid State performed to a packed house with our old China plate Marcus & co providing the usual top notch PA. Thanks to all involved!


23-01-2011: The first gig of 2011 at SNAFU last Friday 21st  was the first gig for two months, the longest lay off for about 6 years! We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Roll on 2011.............


27-10-10: Halloween sees us playing the tea-time slot at the Duck & Drake, Leeds,  5.30-ish. Dress on up and get on down!!!!


6.09.10 - This weekend sees Blackout playing the Broadfield in Sheffield on Friday . .... Also a chance to see old whats-his-face that used to hang around with us. You know - the big sweary's on the tip of me tongue.............ermm....................................................oooh............


16.08.2010 - Well, what a great night we had at West Street Live on Friday!! Couldn't have hoped for a better gig to break Russ in!! It was a great night with a great crowd at a great venue!! And guess what?? Nothing went wrong!!!! Onward and upward!!!!!!!!


12.08.2010 - What could be more appropriate than doing our debut gig with our new guitarist Big Russ on Friday the 13th??!!

West Street Live in Sheffield will be the first venue to experience the new Blackout Mk.III in all its glory.

God help 'em............



10.07.2010 - Check out the home page for news of our two brave new recruits. God help 'em...........


02/07/2010 - We've had to cancel a few gigs lately so sorry to anyone who turned up expecting to see us, but hopefully we'll be back on track with an exiting new line-up very soon! We are getting close to making a decision about how the band will move forward - watch this space!


16/06/2010 - NEWS FLASH!!!

Due to circumstances beyond our control all our gigs in June have been cancelled. An announcement will be made soon regarding future gigs, but rest assured that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Please check this website for up-to-date info. Blackout are sorry for any inconvenience caused - we hope you will understand and bear with us.

In the meantime, applicants are invited for the position of guitarist in the band.

Please  contact us on the e-mail or phone numbers on this site.

Thank you!


27/05/2010 - This weekends gigs in Sheffield have unfortunately been cancelled due to illness - we will try to re-schedule them .

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


22/03/2010 - Blackout return to The Coniston in Idle this Saturday 27th March, and the more sharp-eyed amongst you might spot a subtle change to the usual line-up. The sharp-eared amongst you will almost certainly detect a subtle change to the usual racket! Yes, it's true! The rhythm section will, for the first time, consist of more than just the usual cacophony of buzzes, farts and repeated 'E's to which we have become accustomed!  Geezer has withdrawn to a small Arab Dhow sailing tranquilly down the crocodile-infested Nile and for one night only the full might of a mystery guest will be 'unleashed' on the good people. Tim, however, will sadly still be there.................


23/02.2010 - Long time no speak! Things is going well with us right now. Gaz is now nicely settled into Blackout Towers and after a quiet Winter where we have paced ourselves and recuperated after 4 years of non-stop gigging we are now building back up to regular gigs full of old & new songs. Watch out for rock 'n roll mayhem, clouds of smoke,  baco-foil outfits and explosions galore as Blackout 2010 land at a venue near you reeeel soon!! You know it makes sense..........


30/11/2009 - As 2009 draws to a close we are winding down for our Christmas break happy in the knowledge that Blackout have now moved on to the next chapter in their history! Gaz is now installed in the Purple Suite of the West Wing of Blackout Towers and the creatures have all got used to the sight of him wandering aimlessly in his gor-blimey trousers saying 'awight guv' to all and sundry!

We have had a cracking run of gigs over the last few weeks and we would like to thank everyone who has supported us in this transition period,  with Nidge going off to pastures new and Gaz stepping up to the breach like a true hard rocking son-of-a-bitch!!  The new line-up is now firmly established and we intend to rock your asses off at every opportunity in 2010! Watch out for another live CD in the near future, and some very fashionable (or not..........) t-shirts , available at a gig near you soon...........



29/09/2009 - Last Saturday (26th Sept) was the debut of the new line-up, with Gaz now assuming the position of vocalist, at SNAFU in Rotherham. The crowd were treated to a great performance which firmly established that Blackout are well and truly back!! Gaz was on form and  looking good dressed in black and carrying on with the tradition of swigging Jack Daniel’s from the bottle like a natural!!  With his rock star looks Blackout have now become even easier on the eye than before (and, of course,  we were already eye candy)!!

Many weeks of preparation have gone into re-modelling the West Wing of Blackout Towers to mimic Nelson Mandela House to make Gaz feel comfortable. We have 4 tonnes of Jellied Eels in the fridge and a machine turning out "Pie-n-Mash" (whatever that is) 24/7. The mighty Cerberus is now shouting "Up the 'ammers!" every 5 minutes and doing the 'Lambeth Walk' around the grounds. We're having a problem with Gaz calling everyone "Geezer" as this is confusing the already confused "Geezer". And to make Gaz feel really at home we have let all the beer go flat.............................................



17/09/2009 - Fridays gig at The Lion in Cas Vegas will be interesting to say the least! Not a 'true' Blackout gig, but mixture of current, former and future members of Blackout along with assorted miscreants and ner do wells from the local rock glitterati!  No doubt it will be an evening of musical precision and wonder, as the vast majority will be impromptu and unrehearsed, so anything could happen! Just like a normal gig then come to think of it!! It will be a great night with a real party atmosphere, so get down there and have a right larf - and remember: The more you drink the better we sound..............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


28/08/2009 - It may seem all quiet these days, but let me just tell you that we are currently in rehearsal with Gaz and we are right looking forward to getting back on the road after a well earned lay off! We are ready to rock yer feckin' socks off commencing with our return at SNAFU on September 26th! Watch this space.....................


24/07/2009 - Thanx to everyone who made it to the New Roscoe last night. It was a bit of a nightmare for us, 'cos the PA packed up big style before we even sound checked! Many frantic phone calls were made before our old mate and former singer Paul B saved the day by jumping in his jam-jar and hot-footing it to the Roscoe with a shiny new mixer. We had no time to test it out and Paul did a great job of transforming the sound from fecking awful to bearable to OK to quite good on the hoof, and in the end it was quite decent!! It was great to see our old mates and a few new ones, and the night ended up being a reet laff!  We have today purchased some new gear, so hopefully we will sound bearable again at the next few gigs and give Nidge the sending off he deserves! !!!


02/07/2009- there we were; Geezer, Mark and Tim despondently kicking round the Towers  wondering what to do next. Tim suggested we go down the vaults and taunt the creatures (again!), and so we found ourselves out of our heads on JD, lost in the maze that is the underground Blackout Towers Labyrinth. Mark heard it first: a distant howl that froze the sweat on his brow! But where did it come from?? Tim turned his ear toward the West Wing. Was that a distant moan carried on the rancid air of this underground lair? Geezer looked up from his needlepoint and said 'Eh?'.  The daft twat.  Never mind. The howl became louder as we worked our way West. A blast of cold air guided us toward the mysterious dark place beneath the crumbling West Tower. There in the corner of the darkened vault it stood: a box of intriguing complexity. From within a stifled groan. Tim stepped  boldly up (or is that Tim stepped up boldly?). Whatever.  The rusting lock was prised apart and the heavy lid thrown open! A blast of searing heat scorched the very hair from our ears and the apparition before us uttered an ungodly cry!!!

'Awight tweacle! Gor blimey, it's fecking perishing in there and no mistake!!'


And so it was that Blackout emerged with a new vocalist: the mighty Gaz!

With the 'Cheese and Wine 2009 ' tour ending shortly we will be embarking on the 2009/2010 'Jellied Eels & Black Pudding Extravaganza'!

Gaz comes to us with impeccable pedigree and we look forward to this new chapter in Blackout history.

Oughta look summat like this:

Come along and join us wishing a very fond farewell to Nidge and a very fond 'Eyup' to Gaz!!!



29/06/2009 - Our gig at The Polish Club with 'Unleashed' was a great success! The debut gig for these fine young (???) handsome (?????????) lads was a belter!!!  Check out their website (see links page) and be sure to catch up with 'em reeeel soon!!! Between us we raise £220 for Cancer Research, which is most pleasing!


18/06/2009 - It's getting very close to the end of this chapter of Blackout's history. Our 200th gig is at The Crimea on 31st July and should be an absolute ball!! Don't miss it! The Boot & Shoe gig on Sunday August 2nd will be Nidge's last gig as the full time vocalist, so don't miss any of the last few chances to see this line-up. Nidge moves on to his new spot as Bon Scott/Brian Johnson with AC/DC tribute act Heatseeker and we wish him all the very best! We're sure he'll join us on stage whenever the opportunity arises in the future............... An announcement will be made soon regarding Nidge's replacement in Blackout, so watch this space.............................................

News Flash

Blackout regret to announce that vocalist Nidge Hillam will be leaving the band to concentrate on other musical projects. Nidge has been our voice and frontman for over 3 years and his vocal prowess, energy and commitment have been a major component in establishing our name and reputation as a quality live act. He is a true rock and roller and we wish him every success for the future. Blackout will honour bookings for the foreseeable future with Nidge continuing to gig with us while we find a replacement singer. So…..

Blackout are now in search of a fulltime vocalist who is ready to gig an average of 5-6 times a month. Good powerful voice, live experience, stagecraft and a love of classic heavy rock are all required. Blackout have a strong image so looking good in black leather is also essential :). Check out and for photos, video and soundclips etc. We have full P.A., lights and an extensive setlist. Gigs are in place and will continue to be added throughout 2009. Interested parties should contact 0781 2031888 or email to find out more and arrange auditions.


25/03/09 - We now have a new 'Guestbook' accessible from the 'Home Page' after the last one was lost when the host site closed down without warning! Bloody recession, eh?! Feel free to add any comments you like - the weirder/ruder/insultinger the better!


08/03/09 - Welcome to the new website! Actually, it's more or less the old website but at a new address! We thought would make it a bit easier for all concerned! Don't forget to sign the guestbook, or as ever you can drop us a line on the e-mail address above!


15/02/09 - We played Hallcross Rock Bar in Doncaster for the first time last night and, in the words of our sage old retainer Nidge - what a good do!!!! It was a fantastic crowd who we hope to see again next time, and maybe some of 'em will get down to The Mallard on Friday 20th Feb!! Thanx to Jonno Lodge who got up and played drums on 'Number Of The Beast' and did a cracking job despite having consumed a frightening amount of scotch! It gave Tim a chance to stand in the crowd and ponder on the sheer size of our new PA speakers which he acquired for us last week. The dopey twat. It's like having two wardrobes sharing the stage....................... Bloody loud though!


26/01/09 - Here we are, almost a month into 2009. Everything was going so well until last Saturday night at the Rose & Crown in Cleckheaton. A terrible thing happened. We had a great gig - a small but enthusiastic crowd urged us on and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! But then it happened. Oh, the shame! Our good friend Phil the landlord offered us a drink, and we got the usual - three pints of lager for Mark, Tim and Geezer, and a pint of Strongbow for Nidge. We proceeded to pack up whilst exchanging jaunty banter between ourselves and the remaining punters and all seemed normal until we had said our goodnights to the remaining few souls. Then it happened. A terrible thing which will haunt our waking thoughts until the end of time. It is with heavy heart that I have to describe the final scene. As we were leaving the building, Nidge walked up to the bar with an untouched pint of Strongbow, handed it back to Phil and uttered those awful words...........................................................'I'm not bothered for that, mate'.

His rehabilitation is under way as we speak. He is at this very moment suspended upside down from the Whipping Post in the under crypt of the East Wing of Blackout Towers undergoing therapy which will hopefully restore his total inability to leave even a single drop of alcohol. The Genital Cuff is in place and the Anal Probe will wreak havoc if even a vapour of JD remains when we check him in the morning. Pray for him, dear reader...................................................................


23/12/08 - Well, my hard rocking amigos, another year draws towards an end, and what a send off with our last gig of 2008 at The Spencers Arms! A great evening and a fantastic crowd made it a memorable end to another great year for Blackout! More of the same in 2009........................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


18/11/08 - Last weekend saw us playing two new venues - The Broadfield in Sheffield an the United Services Club in South Elmsall. I've gotta say that they're both cracking venues and we had a great time at both! It's always a joy to play for enthusiastic crowds, and these two were as good as any!! We look forward to playing both places again! See you all soon - and bring all yer mates!!!!


23.10.08 ....................and we're off on the next leg of our perpetual World Tour of everywhere! The clocks might go back this weekend, but Blackout will be going forward into the twilight world of darkness that is the British Winter! The long dark nights will just fly by when you attend one of our gigs and you will leave warmed through thanks to the gift of rock 'n roll!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....


 09.10.08 - The bookings for next year are coming in thick and fast (despite the best efforts of 'Mr.X'  who is actively bad mouthing us at every opportunity and advising landlords not to book bands not personally sanctioned by him). If you wanna know who he is, give us a call. Most venues are not so sad as to be told who they should or should not book, and we're looking forward to letting our gigs speak for us as we fill up our diary for 2009!  Later this month we have 'Halloween 3' coming up at The Duck & Drake in Leeds. It's guaranteed to be a great night so get dressed up and get down there!  We can't wait.................................


05.10.08 -  We've had a great run of gigs over last few months! Many thanx to everyone who has been to see us! We always appreciate the support we get and we'll continue to play as long as you guys enjoy coming to see us!  Last night at the Ring O' Bells in Queensbury was a belter!!! Great to see 'the Halifax crew' drinking and dancing and hurling abuse!!!!!!!! Always a pleasure, fellas!! Can't wait for the next one......................................


29/09/08 - Hi everyone! Glad to report that the CD seems to have been well received!!. Those of you who haven't got a copy yet don't know what you're missing!!!!!!!

On another subject,  I'd like to you to check out a new web site called  ROCKIN YORKSHIRE.  It's a site (still under construction...) intended to promote all things concerned with live music in Yorkshire - Gig Guide, links to bands websites, reviews, contact details etc etc etc.... It will provide impartial and unbiased information to help bands and gig-goers alike. Know wot I mean...............


18/08/08 - Well, looks like we have another long break before we hit the road again in September! But fear not, 'cos it's just a build-up to the release of our long awaited live CD!!!!! Recorded live at The New Roscoe, Leeds on Saturday 14th June 2008 it is a 12 track disc, totally live-as-it-happened-on-the-night, warts and all. In fact we've called it........erm.......'Live-Warts and All'. So There!

You can reserve a signed copy -whoooooooooooooooo!- for a donation of a mere 5 of Her Majesty's pounds sterling by e-mailing Geezer at or you can acquire a copy at any of our gigs. T-shirts are also available!!!! You know it makes sense......


0/08/08 - It's August and Blackout are back on the road after a long lay off! It was great to be back at The New Roscoe on Friday night to blow the cobwebs away! A great crowd as usual, and it was great to see faces old and new!  Saturdays gig at the Bridge Rats MCC rally (see links page) was awesome! A huge crowd cheered, drank and rocked into the early hours with us! It was a fantastic gig and a fantastic rally!


22/07/08 - Due to unforeseeable circumstances our gig on Saturday 26th July at the Tut & Shive in Yeadon has had to be cancelled. I would like to tell everyone about the fantastic work all the staff and nurses at St. Gemma's Hospice, Leeds carry out day in, day out in the face of unbelievably adversity.  Please consider making a donation to this wonderful charitable institution so that it can continue to provide invaluable care and support in difficult times to both patients and their families. Thanque.



05/07/08 - Everything seems to be rocking quite nicely at the moment, thank you very much, what with loads of gigs and loads of guest appearances and stuff, and then  along comes July with hardly any gigs due to holidays, Iron Maiden concerts and God-knows-what to screw it all up! Still, gives us chance for some well needed R&R and an opportunity to get stuck in to mixing the Live CD!  It's sounding pretty good and will be available soon for a small donation (TBA), and features all the usual fu*k-ups and dropped bollox that you've come to know and love from Blackout!!!!!! You can hear some samples on our My Space site at:



17/06/08 - News just in - we've got a last minute gig this Saturday 21st June at The Golden Lion in Halifax (see gig guide for details).    Last Saturday we recorded our gig as planned - thanx Col! All went pretty well and the CD should be available soon. Thanx to everyone who turned up and made it a special night!!


11/06/08 - We've had some cracking gigs over the last few weeks! The Lion on Sunday 8th saw members of loads of top local bands joining us for some 'interesting' versions of several songs!! The term 'flying by the seat of our pants' springs to mind! It's back to serious business this Saturday 14th though, when we play The New Roscoe in Leeds. This is a bit special as we are recording the gig and will hopefully have a 'Live CD' of the night available shortly!!  Get yourself down there and make some noise!!


27/05/08 - STOP PRESS!  Sundays gig at The Duck & Drake is off due to a mix up of dates!!! 


27/04/08 - After the South Yorkshire leg of our World Tour we're having a few weeks off while various members of Blackout go searching for gigs in California, Egypt and.....erm.....well, Cleethorpes!!  We'll be back in late May, so in the meantime feel free to abuse us as mush as you want on the Guestbook!! C'mon..................


15/04/08 - Well, it's been an eventful few weeks in the strange world of Blackout, for various reasons, but we are still devoting ourselves 100% to kicking ass and rocking like bitch funky sex machines...(ahem....), if you know wot I mean. Blackout Towers has been reinforced and is impervious to attacks from the assorted flotsam and jetsam that soils the fringes of the grounds. The Eternal Light in the West Tower burns bright and will continue to burn long after the wraith of the Necromancer has blown away on the night.............. Sorry. Got a bit carried away there........... What I mean is-------ermm............ BLACKOUT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


31/03/08 - 'Business As Usual....................'


18/02/08 - We've had some cracking gigs over the last few weeks - thanks to everyone who has braved the cold dark nights to venture out to see us! The Coniston was great fun and our top mate Marcus did a great job of doing the sound once again (always a pleasure, Mr. Chief!!!). Our return to The Lion in Cas was a night to remember thanks to the great crowd! The Crows Nest at Upton was a new gig for us and hopefully we'll be back there soon - top crowd!! Saturday 16th saw us back at The Golden Lion in Halifax. We've been looking forward to this one and it lived up to our expectations!! An absolutely mad crowd cheered and danced (and in one case fell over, got up, danced on the table, fell over again, got up, fell over etc etc......) and despite some sound gremlins we had an absolutely fabulous night - see you all again soon!! It was back to The New Roscoe in Leeds on Sunday afternoon and we had yet another great time with all the usual crowd who it is always a pleasure to play for!! We were joined on stage by one of our former singers Paul Barnett who got up to sing 'Rosalie' (much to the relief of Nidge!!).

ROCK AND ROLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



28/01/08 - Saturday night at SNAFU in Rotherham was another great night for Blackout! It's an absolutely top venue -not many places will film bands making complete tw@ts of themselves and then hand over the DVD foc!! - and despite the late start & finish times it really is well worth the effort! A great crowd and great staff make it without doubt one of the best venues in the region!!!! We look forward to going back there later this year.............. All is well at Blackout Towers...................


21/01/08 - Greetings, rock-type dudes!!!!!!!!!! 2008 is well advanced now, and we have started as we mean to go on , by rocking like bad-ass mofos!! We have some new songs and possibly some fairly new jokes to entertain you, but we can't guarantee that some of the old lines won't be rolled out for old time's sake.............. Whooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!


17/12/07 - Yet another triumphant weekend! Once again we extend our humble thanks to the wonderful Marcus of Mr. Chief for providing us with a PA powerful enough to be heard on the moon for our gig at the Polish Club! And for once again doing a great job of manning the mixer whilst simultaneously making obscene gestures! Wot a diamond geezer...........


2/12/07 - After a couple of weeks off it was great to get back to some serious gigging again this weekend! Friday saw us back at SNAFU in Rotherham, and what a great night!! Thanx to Snoopy for doing the sound and recording a DVD for us! On Saturday we were down in Derbyshire at Renishaw WMC for another of our occasional forays into clubland. We played our 'greatest hits' set with our great mate Marcus once again doing the sound for us, and a great time was had by all!


29/11/07 - News just in - we are standing in for Mr. Chief at the Renishaw WMC, Sheffield, this Saturday 1st December. Mr. Chief have been laid low by MAN-FLU, and as the weak and feeble individuals that they are have asked some REAL MEN to cover for them. What those boys need is more hair! ..................... Ohhhhhh Matron....................


22/11/07 - Our return to The Lion in Cas last Sunday was a roaring (ho ho.....) success!! It was a great night and we really enjoyed it! We set up and then nipped over the road to see our old mates Black Rising doing their inimitable stuff at the Crimea for a bit, and then shot back to the Lion to do ours! The lads came over to see us when they had finished and a jolly good time was had by all!! Special thanx once again to Marcus of Mr. Chief for doing a great job on the sound desk, ably assisted by Mr. Joe Lally, thanx to H and Julie for having us back, nice to see Carl from Red Mosquito, Graham from Export and all the usual suspects,  and thanx to everyone who ventured out on a cold, dark and wet November evening for making it a great gig! We'll be back...........


13/11/07 - Our gig on Saturday 17th November at The Tut & Shive is definitely off. We have had no further news on the position there, so we have reluctantly made the decision to cancel rather than hang on and risk disappointment for anyone turning up thinking it might be on. Bugger.


10/11/07 - Our gig at The Royal Swan, Huddersfield  11/11/07 is cancelled! The venue are denying any knowledge of us ever having been booked there in the first place.  The same thing happened to our friends Black Rising just a few weeks ago! Obviously we did not dream these bookings up, so as far as we are concerned The Royal Swan in Huddersfield is well and truly on the Shit List...............


09/11/07 - We have been informed that there is a problem at The Tut & Shive in Yeadon (the landlord had done a runner, apparently!!) which puts a question mark over all outstanding gigs there! We are booked to play there on Saturday 17th November, but whether or not this will happen is questionable! I will confirm either way as soon as we know for certain - watch this space!!


02/11/07 - I've finally recovered enough from our Halloween gig at The Duck & Drake to write about it! It was a great night with some superb costumes (thanx laydeez!!!!.................) and a great time was had by all! We set the smoke alarm off again (seems to be traditional now................) and despite the plan to be finished by 11pm we managed to keep it going till nearly midnight! The East Wing of Blackout Towers has been successfully transported back home and is now serving as the servants quarters until it gets the call again........


29/10/07 -  What a weekend! Our official 100th gig at The Crimea was a roaring success! Our good friend Stig did a sensational job on the mixer as usual - the bottle of Champagne was a nice touch! Hope you're free to do our 200th gig too mate!! Thanx yet again to Jimmy D and all our friends old and new at this top venue! Can't wait to play there again on December 22nd!!!

Saturday night saw us at a venue that was new to us, The Golden Lion in Halifax. What an absolutely great place!! A nice stage, in house PA, great crowd and a complete head case of a landlord all make for a venue that could easily become one of our favorites!! Watch the gig list for more dates there.....

On Wednesday night we will be back at another top spot - The Duck & Drake in Leeds for what has become our annual Hallowe'en Gig! Fancy dress is the order of the night, a curry buffet is laid on and we are transporting part of the East Wing of Blackout Towers to the venue for the evening (those of you who follow the blog on will know what I mean....)! It promises to be a great night, so get yourself down there!!!


23/10/07 - After a two week lay-off we'll be back with a vengence for our 'official' 100th gig at The Crimea Tavern this Friday 26th October, beginning  a week of celebration - Nidge's XXth birthday, and Halloween at the Duck & Drake on Wednesday which will be a night to remember! Fancy dress, rock music, beer and curry - what more could you wish for??? Dress up and get down...........yeah..............!!!!!!!!!!!


08/10/07 - A busy weekend saw us playing three gigs in three days! The Crimea was - as always - superb! Stig did a great job on the sound desk as always, and the place was heaving. Top Drawer!!!. Askern Spa on Saturday was a good do - thanks once more to Marcus of Mr. Chief fame for doing the sound for us. It's a great honour for you, Marcus!!  ............ Hope to be back there soon.

As for the 'Horseshoe Bar' on Sunday.........Well, the less said the better............. The entrance is covered in pigeon shit which just about sums up the whole experience................never again!!! We played to eight people (three of whom we knew.........), and as we packed up a group of Rastafarians were setting up and 'jammin' at the other end of the room!!! It was like a bad acid trip........................ weird!

See you all at The Crimea again on the 26th October and beyond..............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1/10/07 - STOP PRESS - We are playing The Crimea Tavern in Cas this Friday 5th October!!


09/09 - Yet another cracking weekend! The Spencers Arms was great again, but we are noticing a worrying trend at gigs in South Yorkshire for people to shout out 'JOURNEY' at random. Some desire to travel, perhaps...????? The Duck & Drake on Sunday was, as ever, an absolute joy!! What a great crowd and a fantastic atmosphere! We managed to set the smoke alarms off no less than three times!! Can't wait to go back there on Halloween Night for our annual bash! See ya there..............


30/08/07 - What a fantastic night we had at The Coniston! As it was Mark's Birthday Bash and we were playing just for fun we did something we never usually do. We drank huge amounts of alcohol BEFORE the gig!! The result was probably the most fun we've ever had whilst playing, but there were more jazz notes than Kenny Ball's entire back catalogue and more cock-ups than you could shake a stick at!! Mark was presented with a triple Jack Daniel's (see Pictures Page) and an inflatable guitar and Tim was eating a plate of curry whilst playing!! Nice to see Marcus & Julie Chief, and Gav & Tim from Baron Greenback (who played in Pegasus with Mark way back in the 80's) and of course the Blackout WAGS as well as all our other friends. Thanks to landlord Phil for the great food. Friday night was back to business and we played a belter to a small but enthusiastic crowd at The Shay in Halifax, another great venue.


29/08/2007 - Tomorrow night - 30th August 2007 - sees the end of an era. Mark Birdsall, lead guitarist and all round rock god will see his life officially 'begin' when he finally, after years of trying, reaches the big four-O, and celebrates with his fellow band mates, family, friends and..........well............anyone who turns up, actually, with a big old party at The Coniston in Idle!! It will be a free-form night with Blackout playing a set of random tunes and hopefully getting gradually more drunk and inept as the night goes on! Come one, come all, and witness this sad old git making a complete twat of himself (in good company, of course), have a beer, reminisce ad nauseam and generally wallow in self pity at the passing of the years as his early life crisis transforms slowly but relentlessly into a mid life crisis! Watch this space for news of late life crisis as the years march remorselessly on..............but most of all  ENJOY YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


25/07/07 - To celebrate our storming success over the last eighteen months or more we would like to announce a brand new t-shirt design which has absolutely no connection! It's a cracking shirt and is available NOW in all sizes either through the website (e-mail your requirements etc.......) or at gigs. It costs a mere £9 per shirt, (which is actually a donation to the funding of the Blackout juggernaut..), and looks like this:

Actually, it looks much better than this for real! The old design is still available for a donation of a measly £7!!! Yes, you can dress yourself like Royalty for almost no cost at all!!! What a bleedin' bargain.....


15/07/07 - Grimsby on a Sunday afternoon is like travelling to another dimension - everything closed and nothing but drunken chavs roaming the streets! But Baileys Live is like an oasis - what a great venue! We didn't have a massive turn-out, but the people who did turn up made a great crowd - thanx guys & gals! It was a pleasure, and we'll be back soon - hopefully on a Friday night! Watch the Gig guide.........


09/07/07 - Thanks go out once more to Marcus of Mr. Chief - what a top guy! The help and support he's given us over the last few weeks is beyond all reasonable expectations! Friday night at The Drop Kick was an experiment for us, using Mr. Chief's PA, and I can only say that it was a revelation! We are now in the process of swapping bits an pieces from our own PA with the intention of giving us loads more volume whilst retaining our own unique 'sound'. Watch this space...................  Sunday night we were back at The Bridge Tavern, just off Manchester Road in Bradford. It's a great little venue, and we enjoyed it enormously! It was great to see some familiar faces - and a few new ones! Mick Parker from Hard To Handle introduced himself - it's ways nice to meet members of other local bands! We rarely get to see each other 'cos we're all usually gigging on the same days, but there's a real sense of community between most of us and it's great that we can all pull together!

Rock and Roll !!!


17.06.07 - What an absolutely tremendous weekend!! Friday saw us doing the first rock night at the Fairweather Green Club and it couldn't have been better! Marcus from Mr. Chief (see Links page) came along to do the sound for us, and what a great job he did!! We owe you one, Marcus! I think I can safely say that the night was a success and we'll be back there in September and December! Saturday night saw us back at the New Roscoe, and it turned out to be possibly our best gig yet! Despite gremlins in the PA (again.....) and no pyros, strobe light or smoke machine, we most definitely had a night to remember! The place was packed and everyone was well and truly up for it - there was dancing from the front to the back - and we enjoyed ourselves enormously!  What a great crowd - we can't wait to see you all again on August 10th!


10.06.07 - Friday night saw us back at The Crimea, and what an excellent night it was!! The place was packed and it was great to see all our Cas Vegas friends again! Tim has been having some problems with his left arm recently, so our mate Lance who plays drums for the brilliant 'Heavy Load' kindly agreed to be 'on stand-by' in case Tim's arm packed up. Happily for Tim the arm held up, but we got Lance up anyway, and as Taff (Heavy Load's singer) was also there we just had to haul him up too! There was a bizarre shirt swapping incident with Taff and Nidge (if anyone has photos please send them to us!!), but we rattled through a few songs while Tim rested his arm and witnessed the monster that was 'Black Load'!! As ever, the legendary Stig did a fantastic job on the sound desk - top bloke!! So, special thanx to Lance, Taff, Jimmy Duggan, and of course everyone who turned up to selflessly drink loads of beer and make it a night for us to remember!



01.06.07 - We are once again looking for a sound man. If you know your stuff and fancy giving it a go, get in touch at or come and talk to us at a gig!


19.05.07 - Our gig at The Brewery Tap on Saturday 26th May has been cancelled due to a double booking!!


08/05/07 - Now that I've finally sobered up after the Beer Monsters Of Rock at The Crimea in Cas Vegas yesterday, it's time to report that it was a roaring success and raised £726 for the new Chemotherapy Unit at St. James Hospital, Leeds. Everyone who turned up and contributed should feel proud!! We kicked off the day at 2pm and played 1hr 45mins to a packed house. Thanks once again to Stig ('Rosalie' was specially for you, mate!!) It was a great atmosphere from beginning to end and a thoroughly enjoyable day. We were followed by The Erics who played a great set, everything from Pink Floyd to The Proclaimers!! Next up were Black Rising who rocked us all with some great classic rock, and Heavy Load wound up a superb day with a fantastic show that had everyone dancing (or in my case lurching drunkenly) like mad dancing things! We met loads of good friends both old and new, and it was great to see Jimmy Duggan and Steve Lally and many others in their BLACKOUT t-shirts!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy!!

Special 'Mentioned In Despatches' to The Arrangers  - Simon K, Johnny L, Jimmy Duggan,  The Players - Us (obviously), The Erics, Black Rising, Heavy Load, The Crowd - you!!!

Can't wait for the next one!!


24/04/07- Well, what a great weekend! The Tut 'n Shive at Yeadon was just as good as always, and thanks to Bob the sound was pretty damned good even without any bass bins! Great crowd as always, and a damned good do!

Sunday at The Crimea was pure joy. We played a blinder and a great crowd cheered us on - the Dugout is without a doubt one of the best live music venues in the region, and Jimmy Duggan should be knighted for his contribution to the live music scene! Blackout have pledged allegiance to him and you can see us back there on Monday 7th May for the 'Beer Monsters of Rock', an all day charity gig in aid of Cancer Research. Heavy Load, The Erics, Black Rising and of course Blackout (with the Sensational Stig on the sound desk) will be rocking and rolling like bitch funky sex machines all day, and drunken debauchery is compulsory! Be there or be very very very unfashionable................................



09/04/07 - We had great night at the Gemober Rally - thanx to Woolie & the guys for having us!  The weather was beautiful all day, but as the night closed in it got seriously cold, and Nidge for once kept his jacket on all night!! Fookin' perishing...............We're looking forward to the Pissed As a Newt Rally in July. Hopefully it'll be a bit warmer!!


20.03.07 - Things have been well busy lately - and last weekend was no exception! 3 gigs in 3 days really keep you on yer toes - The Drop Kick is always fun with a nice stage and lights, The Bridge Tavern was fantastic - great crowd! - and The Duck & drake may be small, but what a tremendous place! Special thanx to Nigel at Blooz Promoz for making it one of the few venues in Leeds who actually book rock bands! It was great to see a lot of familiar faces from our Halloween gig coming back! Thanx to everyone who came to see us at any of 'em - we really value your support!!! Next Friday sees us visiting The Mallard in Doncaster again, and Sunday we  play the lunchtime slot The New Roscoe in Leeds, starting at about 2p.m. See ya there!!!!!


03.03.07 - First things first - HUGE apologies to anyone who turned out to see us at The Bay Horse, Burnley Road, Sowerby Bridge tonight. We arrived there at 6:30 only to be told 'No band booked tonight, mate. We've got karaoke on....' The guy behind the bar, who didn't seem particularly concerned about this, said 'I've only been here since December and I don't know owt about it'. The sign outside said 'LIVE BANDS SATURDAY NIGHTS'. Bullshit, obviously...... 'The Bay Horse', nominated for the 'Rock Of The North' Shit List.........(see the links page....)

Friday night at The Roman Bath in York started as a nightmare. No parking outside the venue meant we all had to unload our gear and then drive around York until we found somewhere to park - 3 miles from the venue in the case of Mark & Nidge! Not really acceptable............ Luckily, the venue attracts a great crowd and we really enjoyed the gig! We were brought back to earth afterwards, however, when we had to wander around York looking for where we'd parked our bleedin' cars.................. Not good...................


25.02.07 - Onward & Upward!! Another couple of great weekends - Lord Duggan's Crimea Tavern continues to be a top venue and we can't wait for our next gig there on Sunday April 22nd. The Owlett Club in Shipley was a new experience for us!! It's the first time we've had bingo before the first set and then an hour between Set 1 and Set 2 while more bingo was performed!!!!!  It was a great night though -  a great club with a fantastic stage and an enthusiastic and friendly crowd - we'll be back soon!! It was nice to see some of our friends from Idle there to support us - 'Doc' travelled all the way from Worksop!!! Thanx for venturing out to see us - see you back at the Brewery Tap soon!!!!

The worst thing was that last orders were called while we were still playing, and the strict adherence to the rules meant that after more than six hours of grafting we weren't allowed a drink!! Cheers!


11.02.07 - This weekend was the first outing for our new PA. We've just spent an obscene amount of money on new gear to make us easier on your ear! We can now go louder than ever before and still sound nice and clear!

If you've been to one of our gigs and have any comments, please feel free to e-mail us on  - all constructive criticisms are gladly received and enable us to improve things for future gigs!

 We had a great time at The Bridge on Friday - many thanx to all the good people who ventured out in the blizzard conditions......hope you thought it was worthwhile!! We really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Saturday at The Shay in Halifax was another great night. Thanx to the landlord , Barry, this venue has really taken off, and it's a lot of fun to play there!!!! We had another excellent night and you can be sure we'll be back there real soon! Again, thanx to everyone who ventured out on a thoroughly nasty night!!


28.01.07 - Another great weekend! Saturday at The Coniston was one of the best nights we've had for a while!  It was a great birthday treat for Geezer, big thanx to everyone for making it a night to remember!! The crowd always makes or breaks a gig, and the crowd on Saturday were first class!!! If you were there - CHEERS!!!! We can't wait to return....................


 23.01.07 - This coming weekend should be a cracker! Friday night (26th Jan) sees us returning to the Tut 'N Shive in Yeadon, and Saturday night (27th) finds us back at The Coniston in Idle, the scene of many former glories! Saturday is also Geezer's - ahem - 39th birthday, so I hope you all remember to bring a card!!!!!............................. See you there!


7/01/07 - Our first gig of 2007 at The Brewery Tap in Idle was a belter! We had all kinds of technical problems and it was a real struggle getting the sound anything near decent - then Tim broke one of his reinforced metal drumsticks, Mark broke a string and Nidge clobbered Geezers bass with his hand causing pain for him and out-of-tuneness for Geezer, but it turned out to be a great night!  Mark, Geezer and Nidge had been at the same venue the night before to see Heavy Load strut their stuff and from what we saw the venue had two nights of unrivalled heavy rock!  Roll on the next one................


31/12/06 - What a brilliant night at The Crimea!! As usual the crowd were fantastic and it was great to see everyone enjoying a good night at Sir Jimmy Duggans premier rock venue!! I can't tell you how much we enjoy playing there. As usual the PA and the top soundman (thanx Stig) brought out the best in us and I think the pyros were a success! We can't wait to play there again on Friday 16th February - we hope you'll all be there!! Check out  for a full report!



27/12/06 - Thanx to everyone who came to The Coniston gig - it was a great night as always, and we really enjoyed ourselves. We wheeled out the pyrotechnics for the first time after being given the OK to use 'em at the last minute, and the fact that it was un-rehearsed was plain to see!! Frightened us to bleedin' death!!!

It was good to see some familiar faces in the crowd too - hope to see you again at The Crimea on Sat 30th December and The Brewery Tap on Sat 6th January!

2007 should be a good year after we spent most of 2006 trying to establish ourselves on the local circuit. We have some great gigs lined up and and we are looking forward to seeing you at 'em!! Special thanx go out to everyone who has supported us in 2006 (special special thanx to Jayne, Joolz, Tracey & Trudy for putting up with us!!), and here's to a hard rockin' 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




14/12/06 - Announcing the launch of our 'Sister' site - check out

It's got pictures, sounds and videos - check it out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12/12/06 - We're looking forward to the Xmas hols with a couple of cracking gigs - 23rd December at The Coniston in Idle and 30th December at the mighty Crimea in Cas Vegas! We've got some new songs to debut and we'll be trying 'em out on Thursday & Friday at The Woodman in Bradford and The Mallard in Doncaster.

Be There!

27/11/06 - The 1st Rock Of The North Convention on Saturday 25th Nov was a fantastic success - lets hope that it becomes an annual event! Lots of hard work by Steve Lally and others too numerous to mention resulted in a day we'll never forget! All the bands were fantastic and a good time was had by all! Check out Rock Of The North from our links page.



22/11/06 - Don't miss the 1st Rock Of The North Convention this Saturday 25th November! We'll be playing at about 7:30ish....


01/11/06 - Last nights Halloween Party at The Duck and Drake in Leeds was great fun!! We all had the opportunity to dress up a bit, and Nidge really excelled himself with a fantastic Devil outfit (see the pictures!!!).  Thanks to everyone who attended and made it such a memorable gig!! It was a fantastic night and we look forward to rocking the place again soon.................


30/10/06 - We had a great weekend following another long layoff! The Drop Kick was great fun - hope to see you all again soon!  Great venue............great crowd!

Sunday at The New Masons is always a good do - John the Landlord is a top guy and 'Ozzy' was the best! His cry - "Sharon.................Sharon................"  after  'Steal Away The Night'  had us in stitches!!

Big praise also goes to young Matthew Wright who got up and took Mark's place on guitar for 'Highway To Hell'! There's a young guy with a big future............... Remember us when you're famous, fella.........



5/10/06 - Our gig at Mill Lane tomorrow, 6th Oct has been cancelled by the venue due to `electrical problems`. No new date yet............


26/09/06 - We had a fantastic weekend after our month long lay off! The gig at G&T's Rockaholics in Hoyland was great fun and we're really looking forward to playing there again on Friday November 17th.

Met some good people who seemed to appreciate the band - step forward Tracy and Paul in particular!!

On Saturday 23rd at about 2:00p.m. we got a call from The Crimea. The band due to play that evening had dropped out at the last minute and could we step in and save the day?? Needless to say, we leapt on the opportunity!!! It was an excellent night and we thoroughly rocked the place to its foundations!! Crazy Mad Axeman Pete,  Metalwayne from Wakefield and 'Michelle' (who seems to like the leather ...) - stand up and be counted!!!

Thanx for all the comments on  Keep 'em coming!!!!!!!


07/09/06 - NEWS JUST IN - Our next gig will be on Wednesday 20th September at The New Roscoe, Leeds supporting the legend that is Pete Way's band WAYSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No pressure, then..........................


21/08/06 - After the ferocious onslaught of the last few months, we`re taking a well-earned rest until mid September. Even rock bands take holidays, and these are ours! We`ll be back with a vengance starting on 22nd September at Rockaholics in Hoyland, and then at everywhere that`ll have us for as long as they can stand us!!!!

We`ve come a long way since January, and we intend to go even further in the future! Thanx to everyone who has supported us over the last eight months - it`s been a joy! See you again real soon.....................................


7/08/06 - What can I say.... Yet another weekend of rock `n `Roll mayhem! Saturday night at The Shay Hotel in Halifax......a great venue with loads of room to set up and play!  Barry & Lisa are great hosts and really enthusiastic about live music. They are 100% committed to making The Shay Hotel a venue to be reckoned with, so tell all your friends and lets help `em put it on the `Live Music` map....

On to Sunday and what can I say? The Punchbowl in Cleckheaton has an excellent outdoor stage set up, and the threatening rain held off making it a fantastic afternoon of rock `n roll `n beer `n burgers!! The crowd were up for it and so were we! Andy the landlord has a monster on his hands - the place is like a miniature good old fashioned `Outdoor Rock Festival`!! A great venue worthy of great things..........


1/08/06 - What  a hard rockin` weekend, Amigos! Friday evening at The Coniston is always a safe bet! Thanx to everyone who turned up - we enjoyed it enormously and look forward to the next time!! Sunday was a fantastic - and exhausting - day!! The afternoon gig at The Copper Kettle in aid of the Air Ambulance was great fun! Check out Rock Of The North ( for a full report. We packed up and moved on to the Bridge Tavern in Bradford and did it all over again on Sunday evening.......................Proper rock `n roll.............

Special `Bravery Under Fire ` award goes to Tim, who had an extremely manky leg after being bitten by a gremlin:

but played like a demon despite the pain........

My back was playing up too, but, like Tim,  I don`t like to mention it..........

Rock of Ages.......................


25/07/06 - Hi there, rock fans! This coming weekend sees us playing three gigs!! On Friday we return to The Coniston, Idle,  a great venue that we`ve been looking forward to re-visiting, and Sunday sees us playing twice!! We`re doing an outdoor Charity event (In aid of the Air Ambulance) at the Copper Kettle, Thornton Road, Bradford. We`ll be on at about 3 o` clock in the afternoon. Then we`re high-tailing it over to The Bridge, off Manchester Road, Bradford to play an evening gig (probably kicking off about 9.30ish, subject to circumstances!!!) See for more details!


17/07/06 - Well, we really are on a roll at the moment!! With a run of great gigs and the growing support of lots of good people - step forward Brian Glover (Splash Alley), Steve Lally (Rock of the North), Pete Goodfellow (Black Rising),  - and a host of others, things are looking good for us!!  It`s been a hard slog, but we are finally starting to make an impression on the local rock scene. There are some great venues who love it loud, and we`re gonna be rockin` em all in the very near future.............just watch us go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


26/07/06 - The last two weekends were fantastic! We had a great time at The Poplar in Altofts. Thanx to Pete Goodfellow (of Black Rising) for giving us the gig!!

The New Masons Arms in Mexborough was a truly excellent experience!  Special thanx to John (the Landlord) and all the good people who attended!! We had an absolutely great night and can`t wait to play there again!!

And finally - Cleckheaton Bowling Club. What a brilliant night!! It was a pleasure to play for such a enthusiastic crowd!! We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and so it seems did everyone there! Same again next year ???


15/06/06 - Logo t-shirts are now available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL..............Priced very reasonably at £8.00 each, either at gigs or by post (send details to and i`ll sort it!). They are top quality `Fruit of the Loom` t-shirts - worth every penny!! The shirts look like this:


06/06/06 -- The Number Of The Beast................... Last weekend saw the first foray out of Yorkshire for BLACKOUT........The flat expanse of Lincolnhire beckoned, and we took it by storm! It was a great night at The Barge in Keadby, Saturday 3rd June,  and no mistake!! We`ll be back there later this year..............Bar 15 was excellent again on Friday 2nd...It`s a nightmare to set up!!!.......Low ceiling + long room = much feedback. But we got there in the end.....We`re back there on December 29th and many times in 2007 - check out the Gigs page...............


30/5/06 - The Bank Holiday weekend was a thoroughly enjoyable one for us. We had a great night at The Coniston -  despite a few problems with the sound! - and look forward to playing there again. A great venue, great crowd and great Landlord & staff! Top rockin`!!! The New Roscoe was brilliant - hopefully we`ll be back there soon too! As you can see on the pictures, we now have our own t-shirts which will be available at gigs and through the web site real soon....................


18/5/06 - Rock `n Roll! The Jockey rocked!!!! - The Tut `n Shive will do the same this weekend, so get yourself there!!

Your Webmaster has just returned from a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land - (Dublin, of course...) where much Guinness and Jamesons was taken, and homage was paid my absolute hero, the immortal Phil Lynott.......



8/05/06 - The Blackout circus moves on at a furious pace!! We had a great time at The Lepton Highlander for the F.W.E. Motorcycle Club Party! Top bunch of people - this is what rock `n roll is all about!!

We`re back at The Jockey, Northgate, Wakefield next Saturday 13th May - it`s an out and out ROCK venue, so get yo` asses down there! We`ve learned our lesson the last few times, so this time we`ll kick off around 10.30 and play late into the night!



 17/04/06 - What a hard rockin` Easter weekend!! Two brilliant gigs at two superb venues!! The Bar 15 gig was a very late night, but very enjoyable (thanx to Pete Goodfellow from Black Rising for offering us the gig due to a cancellation). We are back there in June and December so don`t miss it!  The Tut `n Shive at Yeadon is an excellent set-up. Loads of room, great crowd and a great landlord and landlady! We hope to be back there real soon.............................


12/04/06 - Another busy weekend coming up! We have yet another last minute booking at Bar 15 in Halifax on Good Friday (11pm start - they've got a late license!), and a gig at the Tut `n Shive in Yeadon on Easter Saturday! Should be a good weekend! Hope to see ya at one (or both!!!) of `em.............


3/04/06 - The Lion! Another great gig and a good time was had by all! Thanx again to all who attended! Members of the superb `Come To Daddy`( ),  and a certain Mr. Steve Lally ( ) were spotted amongst the huge sprawling crowd!! Blackout are actively supporting the excellent `Rock Of The North` web site which works ceaselessly to promote rock (and blues) bands in the North of England. Visit the site and buy a t-shirt - all proceeds go toward the running of the site! BLACKOUT t-shirts coming soon - watch this space...............

Also special `GET WELL SOON` wishes go out to our friend Andy Shutt ( ) who has badly broken his leg in a bizarre decorating incident! The GSX-R`s couldn't get you, but the step ladder did..............................


27/03/06 - Yet another late booking! The Lion in Cas Vegas is starting Sunday afternoon/evening gigs on Sunday April 2nd, and guess who have secured the inaugural event? None other than our good selves!! It`ll be a top evening, so get down there and support both us and the venue!! You know you want to......................


21/03/06 - A busy weekend saw us rocking The Lockwood at Huddersfield and The Jockey at Wakefield. The Lockwood gig was another last minute thing covering for Valhalla who had to cancel due to illness in the camp! It was St. Patrick's day and all the English were celebrating in the traditional manner..................It`s also the first time we`ve played under palm trees!

Saturday saw us back at The Jockey. The pool table had gone, but unfortunately so had most of the crowd! The pub gig list for March had missed us off, and there was little evidence of any of the posters we`d dropped in, so no-one was aware that we were actually playing! Those who were there seemed to like us though, so if you were one of `em - Thanx!!!!  We`re back there in May and we`ll probably play a bit later `cos that's when it seems to fill up, so get your asses down there - it`s a great venue!!!


13/03/06 - The Crimea gig went down a storm! Many thanx to Jimmy et al - a job well done all round!! We look forward to many more happy nights there. Many thanx to all who turned up - it was blowing a blizzard outside all day - but it was rocking like a hurricane inside!!!


8/03/06 - Stop Press: News just in.............We`ve got a last minute gig this Sunday 12th March at The Crimea Tavern in Castleford, starting at about 5p.m.........................Should be a belter!!


26/2/06 -  The New Inn resounded to the sound of Blackout last nite - thanx to everyone who turned up on a cold wet February evening!!  Mark &  Nidge were both suffering from the ravages of Avian Flu, but managed to survive the evening and even turn in ripsnorting performances!!! Respect!  Steve and Tim were just brilliant as usual.................. The rock chicks were cool as ever, too - (thanx for putting up with us, laydeeezz.....)- and we`re looking forward to rocking Morley- AGAIN - next Saturday 4th March at The Albion. Be there or be massively out of style.....................


13/2/06 - Thanx to everyone who turned up at the Cross Keys on Saturday. It was a strange gig - very unusual area to set up in - but ultimately it was a very satisfying one! Tim only used half his kit, and it was backline only, no mics on the drums, no bass bins, no monitors, but what the hell - it`s all rock `n roll!  There was talk of an open air gig in the beer garden some time in the Summer - watch the Gig Guide!! Off to see Waysted and Nazareth at the Irish Centre tomorrow night - an absolutely perfect Valentines gift for the discerning Rock Chick!!!!!!!


29/1/06 - Our plans for world domination moved up a gear thanks to (if we do say so ourselves) a blinding gig at The Jockey in Wakefield last night. It was a great night and a great crowd! We hope to see you there again soon (hopefully the pool table won`t be there the next time!). Once again we`d like to say a million thanx to Ben for actions above and beyond the call of knob twiddling duty and for putting up with our total lack of organisation (and cables!), and doing a great job making us sound like a proper band!! Ben, you rock!!!!

Ben gets some inspiration from above!



15/1/06 - Went to see our mates Come To Daddy ( ) at The Lion in Cas Vegas on Friday night. The lads done good! It was a great set and they had the crowd leaping about like....well....leaping drunken people! Great Night! It had a positive outcome for us too, `cos we've managed to secure a spot there later in the year ourselves - see the gig guide for confirmation!


2006! Another year, another beer! Time marches on, and this year is gonna see Blackout making an asserted attempt at world domination..........well, we`re gonna do some gigs anyway! After the frustration of the last few years, and at last with a stable line up - the best yet - we`re gonna take `our own peculiar brand of Heavy Metal` to the people!! And you WILL like it!

On vocals we now have Nidge Hillam - a fine singer, frontman and beer drinker who adds power and enthusiasm to the line-up consisting of Mark on Flying V - a guitarist of unbelievable talents and questionable Teutonic Posturings, Tim the drum acrobat - a man who made a deal with the Devil at the crossroads (unfortunately, the Devil ripped him off, so he took up the drums instead!!), and Steve on bass -  a man of epic proportions and a penchant for leather, lager and `E`!

Together we make a fantastic (and modest) band that delivers the very best in Classic Rock - songs that you want to hear AND songs that you don`t expect to hear - you`ll keep coming back for more! Let us entertain you at a pub near you, soon.............